Saturday, 14 September 2013

Outfit - Musical Notes (Birthday Outfit)

Hello everyone! 

Well, I feel pretty bad, to be honest. I promised more activity in this blog and it didn't happen. I feel extremely ashamed with myself right now. But the good news is: the blog's not dead!

So, on the 27th of August was my 18th birthday! I had a really nice day with my best friend: we had lunch and then went to one of my fav places of all time: Lisbon's Oceanarium!

Here's the outfit I wore that day: Musical Notes.

I decided to wear a very simple Lolita outfit for my birthday. My parents gave me two new dresses as a gift but they didn't arrive on time so I couldn't wear any of them that day ; ;

I realised that I never posted any outfit with the Musical print JSK from Bodyline so here it is! I really love this JSK even though it's a bit tight.

Also I have a new haircut and colour! I'm so happy with how it turned out *O*

Shirt: Zara
JSK: Bodyline
Bracelets: Claire's
Socks: C&A
Shoes: Demonia

I think this is a good opportunity to tell you guys that I finally have an Instagram account! Though I'll be posting a lot of photos related to cosplay, I will also post personal stuff!


Hope you guys liked this look! 

Saturday, 10 August 2013


Hello everyone! 

I'm so, so sorry for my inactivity! I've been really busy with cosplay lately, I have like 5 costumes to finish and I barely have any time (one of those is a commission I really need to start working on).

Besides I barely get out of the house, since I have to take care of my mom. Hopefuly this week I'll take random outfit shots to show you! 

I don't really have many updates to give you besides the fact that I'm still alive...

Here's a new (old) photo of me 

Last week I had a photoshoot of my latest cosplay: Pakunoda from Hunter x Hunter (I'll make a post about it on my cosplay blog soon). Somehow my left eye got sick. I think it was because of the contact lenses, and even though it's better now I'm still afraid of wearing contacts for the next weeks ; ;

Also, I got into college! I'm really happy because I'll be able to study professional photography!

And this is all guys... I will try making new posts soon. Thank you for all the support!